A scuba diver dove from the surface of the ocean to an elevation of −89 9/10
feet at a rate of −25.7 feet per minute. After spending 13.25 minutes at that elevation, the diver ascended to an elevation of −18 9/10
feet. The total time for the dive so far was 20 1/8
minutes. What was the rate of change in the diver’s elevation during the ascent? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.


  1. Answer:
    he rose by 71 feet and it took him 6.88 mins to do so.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    So we know that the diver is going up in elevation cause he is ascending and he ascended 71 ft. Along with the fact that the total dive was 20 1/8 mins with roughly converts to 20.13 mins and if we take that number and subtract the amount of time he stayed at the elevation of 71ft we know that it took him 6.88 min to rise to the elevation of -18.9.

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