A scatter plot was made to show the value of various vehicles based on the age of the vehide (in years). The equation for the line of best fit is y= 34,000 – 1,600x wherey is the value of the vehicle in dollars and x is the age of the vehicle in years. Use the line of best fit to predict the value of the vehide after 8 years


  1. Answer:


    Step-by-step explanation:

    Given the best fit equation:

    y= 34,000 – 1,600x

    Where ;

    y = value of vehicle in $

    x = Age of vehicle in years

    The predicted value of vehicle aged 8 years ;x = 8

    y = 34000 – 1600(8)

    y = 34000 – 12800

    y = 21,200

    Hence, the predicted value of car aged 8 years is $21,200

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