A sample of O2 gas is put into a bottle at STP. If the volume of the bottle is 0.52 L, how many moles of O2 will the bottle contain?

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  1. Answer:


    So,at STP or NTP, one mole of any gas occupies 22.4 litres of volume. To find mass,firstly we have to calculate the no. Of moles present in 11.2 litres of O2 gas which can be calculated as ;

    No. Of moles = Given Volume ÷ 22.4 Litre (provided that gas is at STP)

    = 11.2 Litre / 22.4 Litre

    = 0.5 moles

    Now, mass can be calculated by;

    Mass = no. Of moles × Molecular mass

    = 0.5 × 32 (Molecular mass of O2 is 32u or 32 g, if you are calculating in Grams, also called Gram Molecular Mass)

    = 16 g

    This is the answer

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