A rural mail carrier logged the mileage on the odmeter at the start of th mail route as 31,500 miles. After 6.5 hours the carrier returned the truck recorded the mileage at 31,713 miles what was the average velocity of the mail truck


  1. Answer:
    Okay, So rural mail carrier started the day with 31,500 miles 6.5 hours later has 3, 31,613 miles. So if you want the average velocity of the mail truck over this day, we’re going to start, we’re going to find basically the treat the average velocity as a slope. So we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do the final three hoops, 31,713 -231500. This will be the total distance that they traveled And that happened over 6.5 hours. So 31,613 -31500 is going to give me 213 over 6.5 hours. So what this represents is The truck went 213 miles Over the course of 6.5 hours. So again, that’s miles over ours. So I take that value Divide by 6.5 and I get Average velocity of 30 32 Point that’s just a 77. Okay. And again, because I had it set up as miles over hours, this is gonna be MPH. So this is where we find the average velocity of something. We’re looking at, what was it at the very end. Now, the truck went faster and slower than this speed at times, But in the end because it covered two and 13 miles in 6.5 hours, The average velocity was 32.77 mph
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