A restaurant owner wants to determine the effectiveness of his servers. the owner places a survey regarding the servers’ effectiveness with randomly selected customer bills. what is the sample? a. the sample is the randomly selected customers. b. the sample is all customers of the restaurant. c. the sample is the servers. d. the sample is the owner of the restaurant.


  1. The sample is the randomly selected customers (Option B).
    What is sample?
    • Suppose we have to estimate the proportion of New York state residents who are Seattle Seahawks fans.
    • Say, 500 New York state residents are randomly selected, whether they are Seattle Seahawks fans or not, and expand this to the entire population of New York State residents.
    • In this case:
    1. The sample is 500 residents.
    1. The population is all New York State Residents.
    Now, according to the question, a survey is passed to the customers.
    Here, the sample is the customers.
    Hence, the sample is customers and the correct choice of options is (C).
    To learn more about sample, refer to the link :


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