A restaurant has an electronic system that randomly selects customers when they pay for their meal to receive a coupon for their next visit. Each customer has a 10 % 10%10, percent probability of being selected to receive a coupon, and one customer being selected or not doesn’t affect whether or not another customer will be selected. Suppose that 2 22 customers pay for their meals, one after the other. What is the probability that NEITHER customer is selected to receive a coupon? Round your answer to two decimal places.


  1. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The probability that a customer is NOT selected to receive a coupon is 1 – 10% = 90%. The probability that 222 customers are NOT selected to receive coupons is therefore (90%)^222 = 0.13, or 13%.
    To express this probability as a decimal, you can divide the probability by 100:
    0.13 = 13% / 100 = 13/100
    Rounding to two decimal places, the probability that none of the 222 customers is selected to receive a coupon is 0.13, or 13%.


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