A researcher selects a sample of 32 participants who are assigned to participate in a study with one group. What are the degrees of freedom for this test


  1. the degrees of freedom for this test Women found this trait to be important, and this result was significant, t(15)=8.00, p<.05

    What is degrees of freedom?

    Various amounts of data or information can be used to estimate statistical parameters. The degrees of freedom refers to the quantity of independent data points used to estimate a parameter. The number of independent scores that are utilized in an estimate of a parameter, minus the number of parameters used as intermediary stages in the estimation of the parameter itself, is generally considered to be the measure of the degree of freedom of the estimate. The degrees of freedom, for instance, are equal to the number of independent scores (N) minus the number of parameters calculated as intermediary steps, or N 1, if the variance is to be estimated from a random sample of N independent scores.
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