A rectangular room measures 13 feet by 120 inches. Tonya said the area of the room is 1,560 square feet.

What did Tonya do wrong?


  1. Answer:
    20,592 INCHES. First you have to take your 13 feet and times by 12 inches in a foot,, then take that total which is 156 inches times 132 inches to equal Area.  
    Step-by-step explanation:

  2. Answer:
    The measurements of a rectangular room are 13 feet by 132 inches.
    We have to find the area of the room in square feet.
    Area of rectangle with length ‘l’ and width ‘w’ is given by “L x W”.
    Since, length=’13’ feet and width= ‘132’ inches.
    So, we will convert the unit of inches into feet.
    As 1 foot = 12 inches
    So, 132 inches = 132/12 feet = ’11’ feet
    Area of rectangular room = 13 x 11
    = 143 square feet.
    Tonya was incorrect because she evaluated the area of room without changing the dimensions. She found the area by  square feet. It is incorrect.


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