A rectangle has dimension 23cm by 41cm and is made with a piece of wire How long will each length be for an equilateral triangle?


  1. Each side of equilateral triangle will have the length equals to 42.7 cm.


    There are different types of quadrilaterals, for example, square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, and parallelogram.  Each type is defined accordingly to its length of sides and angles. For example, in a rectangle,  the opposite sides are equal and parallel and their interior angles are equal to 90°.
    The perimeter of a geometric figure is the sum of its sides. Thus, for a rectangle, the perimeter is 2L+2W.
    You should find the perimeter of the rectangle.
    2P=23+23+41+41= 128 cm
    The equilateral triangle will have the same perimeter of the rectangle. An equilateral triangle presents the equal three sides, thus,
    128= 3L
    L=128/3=42.7 cm
    Read more about the perimeter here:


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