a recently televised broadcast of a popular televison show had a 15 share, meaning that among 5000 monitored households with TV sets is use, less than 20% were turned in to the show. find the p-value

a) 1.9998

b) 0.9999

c) 0.0002

d) 0.0001​


  1. The p-value from the information about the recently televised broadcast is B. 0.9999.

    How to get the p-value?

    From the information given, n = 5000 and the level of significance is 0.01.
    The computed z value is -8.84.
    From the z table, the probability value is the value corresponding to the row 8.8 and column 0.04.
    This will give a value of 0.9999.
    In conclusion, the correct option is B.
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