A race is 3 miles long. There are water stations every 3/4 mile along the route. How many water stations are along the route?


  1. There will be 4 water stations.


    3/4 = .75 as a decimal

    Personally, I believe that it’s easier to use decimals, I can explain the way in fractions in the comments if you’d like, just ask.

    Anyway, .75 • 4= 3

    or 3 / .75 = 4 (division is easier with bigger numbers)

    so, there will be 4 water stations, given that the one race is 3 miles long.

    If this explanation seems unclear, I’d be happy to explain. Feel free to ask in the comments!! I’m happy to help.

    Hope this helps!

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  2. Answer:

    We are told that a marathon is 26.2 miles long. There is a water station every 1 and 3/100 miles along the race route. We are supposed to write an expression that represents the total number of water stations.

    Let x be total number of water stations.

    First of all we will convert our mixed fraction into improper fraction.

    => 1 + 3/100

    => 103/100

    The total number of water station in the marathon of 26.2 miles will be,

    => 103/100 . x = 26.2

    => x = 26.2 . 100/103

    Therefore, x = 26.2 . 100/103 will represent the total number of water stations.

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