A principal records the lunch choices for 7th grade for a day. Of the 160 students, 21 brought their lunch from home, 103 purchased lunches, and 36 brought a lunch from home and purchased an ice cream.

Are the lunch choices equally as likely? Justify your answer by calculating the probability of each lunch choice.


  1. Answer:
    All of the lunch choices are not equally as likely.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Of the 160 students:
    21 brought lunch from home = 21/160 = 0.13125
    103 purchased lunch = 103/160 =  0.64375
    36 lunch + ice cream = 36/160 = 0.225
    The probability = what type of lunch a student brings / student population
    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.


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