a pot contains 5 black beads and 7 white beads.another pot contain 6 white beads. if one beads is drawn from each pot without looking, what will be the probability of getting atleast one white beads?​


  1. Step-by-step explanation:
    is there something missing in the question ?
    or is this meant to be a trick question ?
    let me repeat :
    pot1 contains 5 black and 7 white beads
    pot2 contains 6 white beads (and nothing else, right ?)
    then one bead is drawn from each pot.
    so, 1 bead from pot1, and 1 bead from pot2.
    the bead from pot1 is either white or black.
    the bead from pot2 is white for sure.
    so, the probability to get at least 1 white bead is 100% or 1, as there will be always the white bead taken from pot2.


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