A plant is already 42 centimeters tall, and it will grow one centimeter every month. Let h be the plant’s height (in centimeters) after m months. Write an equation relating h to m. Then use this equation to find the plant’s height after 26 months.


  1. Answer:
    Relating it to the problem would be 42+M=H or 42+1M=H
    Final answer is 42+26=68 or 68
    Step-by-step explanation:
    After you relate h to m, you have to plug your numbers in. You can find the numbers within to problem. So our numbers are 42, which is how tall the plant already is. Then we have 1 centimeter which is the amount it will grow every month, and 26 which is the amount of months. So your equation would be 42+1(26)=H or 42+26=H. We would add the 42 and 26 to get the answer for H, which is 68. So our final answer would be 68 or 42+26=68.


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