A plant farm sells bundles of rose bushes. Each bundle contains 150 rose bushes and has the same ratio of hybrid tea roses, climbing roses, tree roses, and miniature roses. A landscaper purchased i bundle of rose bushes and found the bundle contained 9 climbing roses. He buys a second bundle of rose bushes for a large planting job he needs to complete, bringing his total to 300 rose bushes. How many of the roses being planted will NOT be climbing roses?

A. 282
B. 318
D. Not here​


  1. Answer:

    since all bundles contain the same amount of each type of rose, and one bundle has 9 climbing roses. two bundles will have 18 climbing roses. the question wants to know how many roses out of the two bundles won’t be climbing roses. so you need to do: 300 – 18 = 282

    the answer is A

    Step-by-step explanation:

    i hope this helps :))

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