A person has a bag of coins.

4/13 of the coins are pennies

1/4 of the coins that are not pennies, are nickels

The rest are dimes. If there is $8.10 in dimes, how much total money is in the bag of coins?


  1. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    First, let’s assume that x is the total money in the bag of coins.
    1. x = total money
    4/13 of the coins are pennies, so 4/13 of x equals to the number of pennies.
    4/13(x) = P (pennies)
    What is left that is not pennies is 9/13(x). And out of these, 1/4 are nickels. Which means:
    1/4(9/13[x]) = N (nickels)
    If 1/4 of the remaining are nickels, then 3/4 are dimes. So:
    3/4(9/13[x]) = $8.10 (dimes’ value)
    After calculating the one with the value:
    27/52(x) = $8.10
    27x = $8.10 times 52
    x = ($8.10 times 52)/27
    x = 52 x $0.3
    x = $15.6
    Ans. The value of the bag of coins is $15.6


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