A person draws a card from a hat. each card is one color, with the following probabilities of being drawn: 1/25 for white, 1/5 for black, 1/10 for red, and 1/15 for pink. what is the probability of pulling a black or red card, written as a reduced fraction?


  1. The probability of pulling a black or red card  = 3/10

    We are informed that a card is pulled from a hat.

    Probability that a white card will be drawn, P(white) = 1/25
    Probability that a blue card will be dealt, P(black)  = 1/5
    Probability that a black card will be dealt, P(red) = 1/10
    Probability that a pink card will be revealed, P(pink)  = 1/15
    All of these occurrences are distinct from one another and do not relate to one another.
    The likelihood that any one of any two events, A and B, with probability P(A) and P(B), will occur is:
                                            P( A ∪ B ) = P(A) + P(B)
    Here, event A can be compared to getting a black card, and
    incident B is comparable to receiving a red card.
    So, P(black or red) = P(black) + P (red)
    = (1/5) + (1/10)
    = ( 2 + 1 )/10
    = 3/10
    So, the likelihood that a black or red card will be pulled from the hat:
    = 3/10
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