A passenger on a boat notices that there is a dolphin 3.6 yards below the boat. There is also a fish 2.3 yards below the boat. They also see a bird that is 2.3 yards above the boat.

Part A: Explain how you would create a number line for these points. (1 point)

Part B: What does zero represent on your number line? (1 point)

Part C: Determine which two points are opposites, using absolute value. Be sure to show your work. (2 points)


  1. The number line for the points can be created by adding the yards above and then deducting the yards below.

    What is a number line?

    It should be noted that a number line is a graduated straight line which serves as na abstraction for real numbers.
    The thing that zero represent on a number line is that’s it’s considered the origin of a number line. The numbers to the left are negative and those to the right are positive.
    The two points that are opposites will be the bird and dolphin since ones below and the.otyer is above.
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