A mystery compound is a liquid with a boiling point of 50°C. is it likely to be in Ionic compound .why or why not?


  1. Answer:

    No, because it is low, which is characteristic of covalent compounds.


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    In this case, for the analysis of this liquid whose boiling point is 50 °C, it is necessary for us to keep in mind that ionic compounds have high boiling points whereas covalent compounds tend to have lower boiling points. This is due to the fact that ionic compounds have stronger intermolecular forces, so more thermal energy is required for the reaction; and covalent compounds are more weakly held together so their boiling points tend to be relatively low.

    In such a way, since 50 °C is a relatively low boiling point, in comparison to waters that is about 100°C and it is polar covalent, we infer this compound is not likely to be an ionic compound but a covalent compound.


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