a local natural gas company charges small business has a $22 monthly connection fee and a $1.20/therm. how many therms were used by a company during the month in which its gas bill was $78.40?


  1. Answer:
      47 therms
    Step-by-step explanation:
    A $78.40 gas bill has a $22 monthly connection fee and charges of $1.20 per therm. You want to know the number of therms being charged.


    Let t represent the number of therms at $1.20 each. The gas bill chargest are …
      1.20t +22 = 78.40


    Subtracting 22 gives …
      1.20t = 56.40
    Dividing by 1.20 tells the number of therms:
      t = 56.40/1.20 = 47
    The company used 47 therms.


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