A length of rope measures 5 yards. Kari would like to cut into equal portions 2/5 of a yard long. How many pieces will Kari be able to cut from the rope


  1. Proportionately, Kari will be able to cut the rope into 12.5 pieces.

    What is proportion?

    Proportion defines the relationship of a variable within a whole.  It represents the ratio of a portion to the whole number.
    Proportion, which is an equation of two values, can be represented in fractions, decimals, or percentages.

    Data and Calculations:

    The length of the rope = 5 yards
    Length of each equal portion = 2/5
    Proportion of each portion = 0.4 yards(2/5)
    The number of parts the rope will be cut = 12.5 pieces (5/0.4)
    Thus, Kari will be able to cut the rope, measuring 5 yards into 12.5 pieces of 2/5 yards each.
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