a ladder 6m long leans against a vertical wall at an angle 53⁰ to the horizontal. how high up the wall does the ladder reach??​


  1. The height up the wall the ladder reach will be 4.79 meters.

    What is a trigonometric function?

    The fundamental 6 functions of trigonometry have a range of numbers as their result and a domain input value that is the angle of a right triangle.
    The trigonometric function is only valid for the right angle triangle and it is 6 functions which are given as sin cos tan cosec sec cot.
    The trigonometric functions found in the four quadrants, as well as their graphs, domains, and differentiation and integration, will all be understood.
    The trigonometric function is very good and useful in real-life problems related to the right-angle triangle.
    Given that,
    Length of ladder = 6m
    The angle of inclination = 53⁰
    Let’s say height up to wall = x
    By trigonometric function
    tan53⁰ = x/6
    x = 4.79.
    Hence “The height up the wall the ladder reach will be 4.79 meters”.
    For more information about the trigonometric function,


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