A hairdresser is making 2 hair bows. She needs 9 over 10 yards for each bow. If she has 4 and 1 over 6 yards of ribbon, how much will be left over after making the bows?

thirteen over ten yards
one and one over twelve yards
two and eleven over thirty yards
2 and twenty-nine over thirty yards


  1. The ribbon leftover will be (2 + 11/30)yd, so the correct option is the third one.

    How much will she have left after making the bows?

    We know that she wants to make 2 bows, where each bow needs 9/10 yards of ribbon, so for the two bows she needs:
    2*(9/10) yd = 18/10 yd.
    Now, the total amount of ribbon that she has is:
    T = (4 + 1/6) yd = (24/6 + 1/6) yd = (25/6) yd
    To see how much she will have left, we just need to take the difference between these two fractions:
    Leftover = (25/6) yd –  18/10 yd.
    we can use 30 as a common denominator, then we rewrite:
    Leftover =  (125/30) yd – (54/30)yd = 71/30yd
    Now we can rewrite:
    Leftover = 71/30 yd = 60/30 yd + 11/30 yd = (2 + 11/30)yd
    The correct option is the third one.
    If you want to learn more about fractions:


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