A group of friends wants to go to the amusement park. They have $246.75 to spend on parking and admission. Parking is $14, and tickets cost $33.25 per person, including tax. Write and solve an equation which can be used to determine x, the number of people who can go to the amusement park.


  1. Answer:   7

    x = number of people
    33.25x = cost of the tickets only, without parking
    33.25x+14 = add on the cost of parking
    33.25x+14 = 246.75
    To solve this equation we’ll do these two steps in the order mentioned
    1. Subtract 14 from both sides. This is to undo the +14
    2. Divide both sides by 33.25 to undo the multiplication.
    The idea is we follow PEMDAS in reverse undoing everything so we can isolate x.
    33.25x+14 = 246.75
    33.25x = 246.75-14 …………. step 1 mentioned earlier
    33.25x = 232.75
    x = 232.75/(33.25)  ……………. step 2 mentioned earlier
    x = 7 is the final answer
    7 people go to the amusement park
    At $33.25 per person, that amounts to 7*33.25 = 232.75 dollars so far.
    Then add the cost of parking to get 232.75+14 = 246.75 to match the total amount spent stated in the instructions. The answer has been confirmed.
    • This assumes they all went in the same vehicle.
    • They’ll need to bring more money if they want things like food, drinks, souvenirs, playing carnival games to win prizes, etc.


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