A group of 31 friends gets together to play a sport. First, people
must be divided into teams. Each team has to have exactly 3
players, and no one can be on more than one team. How many
teams can they make? (It is possible that not everyone can be on a
(Do not include units in your answer.)


  1. The number of teams she can make is 10.

    How many teams can she make?

    Division is the process of putting a number into equal groups using another number. The sign used to denote division is ÷. Division is one of the basic mathematical operations. Other basic mathematical operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication.
    The number of teams that can be made can be determined by dividing the total number of friends by the total number of players in each team. The whole number that is derived from the division process is the number of teams teams that can be made given the total number of friends and the number of people that have to be in each group.
    Number of teams she can make = total number of friends / number of people in each group
    31 / 3 = 10 remainder 1
    So, only 10 teams can be made. one person would not be on any team.
    To learn more about division, please check:


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