A grocery store offers a cheese sampler that includes a pepper cheddar cheese that costs $16 per kilogram and pennsylvania jack that costs $12 per kilogram. how many kilograms of each were used to make a 5-kilogram mixture that costs $13.20 per kilogram?


  1. To get 5 – kilogram mixture, we have to use 1.5 kilograms of pepper cheddar cheese and 3.5 kilograms of Pennsylvania jack that cost $13.20
    Pennsylvania jack cost = $12/kg
    Pepper cheddar cheese cost = 16/kg
    Here we have to find the 5 kg mixture’s proportion.
    So, let x be the proportion of  pepper cheddar cheese and it cost $16.
    So, it can be written as, 16x.
    The remaining part of Pennsylvania jack is 5 – x and it cost $12.
    So, it can be represented as 12(5-x).
    When we add these two we can get the 5 kg mixtures,
    So, the value of Pennsylvania jack is 5 – x => 5 – 1.5 = 3.5
    To know more about unitary method here


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