. a garden that has a diameter of 8 yards has a ring‐shaped path around it that has a width of 2 yards. what is the area of the path?


  1. By using what we know about circles, we conclude that the area of the path is 62.8 square yards.

    How to get the area of the path that is around the garden?

    Here we know that the garden is a circle with a diameter of 8 yards, then the radius of the garden (half of the diameter) is:
    R = 8yd/2 = 4yd
    Now, if we define a circle that includes the garden and the path around it, knowing that the path is 2 yards wide, that circle will have a radius:
    R’ = 4yd + 2yd = 6yd.
    Remember that the area of a circle of radius r is:
    A = pi*r^2
    Where pi = 3.14
    Now, the area of the path alone will be equal to the difference between the area of the circle that includes the path and the area of the garden alone, so we get:
    A = 3.14*(6 yd)^2 – 3.14*(4 yd)^2 = 62.8 yd^2
    The area of the path is 62.8 square yards.
    If you want to learn more about circles:


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