A football is inflated to 12psi at 20°C What is the new pressure in the football
when the temperature is lowered to -5C


  1. Answer: The new pressure is 3 psi.


    Given: P_{1} = 12 psi,         T_{1} = 20^{o}C

    P_{2} = ?,          T_{2} = 5^{o}C

    Formula used is as follows.

    \frac{P_{1}}{T_{1}} = \frac{P_{2}}{T_{2}}\\\frac{12 psi}{20^{o}C} = \frac{P_{2}}{5^{o}C}\\P_{2} = \frac{12 psi \times 5^{o}C}{20^{o}C}\\= 3 psi

    Thus, we can conclude that the new pressure is 3 psi.

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