A cylinder is filled with 10.0 L of gas and a piston is put into it. The initial pressure of the gas is measured to be 273. kPa.
The piston is now pulled up, expanding the gas, until the gas has a final volume of 50.0 L. Calculate the final pressure of the gas. Be sure your answer has the
correct number of significant digits.


  1. P2 = 54.6 kPa



    V1 = 10.0 L. V2 = 50.0 L

    P1 = 273 kPa. P2 = ?

    We can use Boyle’s law to solve this problem.

    P1V1 = P2V2

    Solving for P2,

    P2 = (V1/V2)P1

    = (10.0 L/50.0 L)(273 kPa)

    = 54.6 kPa


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