A cross section is made by the intersection of a plane and a square pyramid at an angle either parallel or perpendicular to the base. The cross section can be which of these shapes


  1. The cross section can be of these shapes square and triangle.
    A crosssegment is a plane segment that is a segment of a three-dimensional item that is parallel to one among its planes of symmetry or perpendicular to considered one of its traces of symmetry.
    An instance of a go-segment would be a circle. A crossphase is seen whilst a 3-dimensional picture is reduce through a plane. within the case of the cone, a circular go-segment emerges while the cone is cut parallel with its base
    The go-sectional region is the location of a 3-dimensional shape that is acquired whilst a threedimensional object – inclusive of a cylinder – is sliced perpendicular to some designated axis at a point.
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