A conducting loop is placed in a magnetic field. What must be true for there to be a current induced in the loop? (1 point) There must be a source of charge The magnetic field must be changing Potential energy must change into kinetic energy The loop must be surrounded by insulating material


  1. Answer:

    EMF will induce in the conducting loop when

    The magnetic field must be changing


    As per Farady’s law of EMI we know that the magnetic flux linked with the closed conducting loop must be changed with time

    so we have

    EMF = \frac{d\phi}{dt}

    so we know that

    \phi = BAcos\omega t

    now if magnetic field is changing with time then we have

    EMF = Acos\theta \frac{dB}{dt}

    so EMF will induce when magnetic field will change with time

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