A color palette at a paint store has 6 shades of blue. kelsie is choosing 2 shades of blue to paint her room. how many pairs of colors can she pick from the color palette?


  1. The number of pairs of colors can kelsie pick from the color palette are 15.

    What is combination?

    A combination is indeed a mathematical method for determining the number of potential arrangements in a set of objects in which the order of a selection is irrelevant.
    You can choose the components in any order in combinations. Permutations and combinations are often mistaken.
    The formula for combination is;
    ⁿCₓ = n!/{x!(n-x)!}
    where, n is the total number of objects.
    x is the selected objects.
    Now, according to the question;
    The total number of shades available are 6.
    The number of selected shades are 2.
    Thus, the total combinations generated by this are-
    ⁶C₂ = 6!/{2!(6-2)!}
    ⁶C₂ = 15
    Therefore, the total combinations in which two pairs of the blue colour are selected from the 6 shades of blue is 15.
    To know more about the combination, here


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