A client is withdrawing $105.83. He would like $40 in $10 bills and the rest in the fewest number of bills and coins possible. Select the appropriate number of bills and coins to give the client.


  1. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The client starts with 105.83 dollars
    He requests 40 of which to be subtracted in denominations of 10, meaning 4 10 dollar bills are being removed.
    After this he has 65.83 more dollars to withdraw, the next biggest bill denomination is a 50, so lets subtract 50 from our account.
    Now he is left with 15.83, subtract another 10 dollar bill.
    That leaves us with 5.83, subtract one 5 dollar bill.
    Leaving us with 0.83, subtract 3 quarters
    That leaves us with 8 cents, lets subtract one nickel, leaving us with 3 cents.
    Now with those 3 cents we can subtract 3 pennies.
    Meaning the least amount of denominations required is:
    1 50-Dollar bill
    5 10-Dollar bills
    1 5-Dollar bill
    3 Quarters
    1 Nickel
    3 Pennies


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