A classroom of children has 19 boys and 20 girls in which five students are chosen to do presentations. What is the probability that more boys than girls are chosen


  1. The probability is 50 percent.
    what is probability?
    • The likelihood that a specific occurrence will occur  the proportion of the total number of available outcomes to the number of possibilities in a comprehensive set of equally probable options that result in a certain event.
    • A field of mathematics that focuses on the investigation of probability.
    Given that,
    Class has 19 boys and 20 girls , out of which five students are to be chosen for presentation.
    Sets are:
    (0 Boy, 5 Girls)
    (1 Boy, 4 Girls)
    (2 Boys, 3 Girls)
    (3 Boys, 2 Girls)
    (4 Boys, 1 Girl)
    (5 Boys, 0 girl)
    Total sample size =6
    Probability that more boys than girls are chosen = No. of times boys are more/ Total sample size.
    = 0.5
    That is 50 percent.
    Learn more about probablity here:


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