A circular disc has an area that measures between 1,650 and 1,700 square inches. What could be the length of its radius


  1. The length of its radius 23 inches.
    In geometry, a disk (also spelled disc) is the place in a plane bounded by using a circle. A disk is stated to be closed if it consists of the circle that constitutes its boundary, and open if it does now not.
    The disc turned into a round, flat item that Greek athletes would throw for distance in the course of the ancient Olympics, a wearing culture that continues within the present day Olympics with the spelling disc. The disc became a beneficial object of evaluation for some thing having a spherical, flat shape being referred to as a disc or disk.
    Efficiently speaking, a circle has no region (it’s far simply the brink), however a disc does. however in practice human beings think about a circle as the brink or the enclosed space, or both. A disc is “closed” when it includes the bounding circle, and open if it does no longer.
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