A chef is making pickles. He needs 15 gallons of vinegar. The store sells 2 gallons of vinegar for $3.00 and allows customers to buy any amount of vinegar. Decide whether each of the following ratios correctly represents the price of vinegar.
4 gallons to $3.00
1 gallon to $1.50
30 gallons to $45.00
$2.00 to 30 gallons
$1.00 to 23 gallon

A caterer needs to buy 21 pounds of pasta to cater a wedding. At a local store, 8 pounds of pasta cost $12. How much will the caterer pay for the pasta there?
Write a ratio for the given information about the cost of pasta.

Would it be more helpful to write an equivalent ratio with 1 pound of pasta as one of the numbers, or with $1 as one of the numbers? Explain your reasoning, and then write that equivalent ratio.

Find the answer and explain or show your reasoning.

Lin is reading a 47-page book. She read the first 20 pages in 35 minutes.
If she continues to read at the same rate, will she be able to complete this book in under 1 hour?
If so, how much time will she have left? If not, how much more time is needed? Explain or show your reasoning.

Diego can type 140 words in 4 minutes.
At this rate, how long will it take him to type 385 words?
How many words can he type in 15 minutes?
If you get stuck, consider creating a table.


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