A charge Q creates an electric field. A test charge q is used to measure the strength of the electric field at a distance d from Q. The electric field strength is defined as ____?


  1. Answer:


    A charge Q will create an electric field in the space surrounding it. The strength of an electric field, E in a location in space can be determined by placing a test charge, q in the space and measuring the force (F) which is exerted upon it. The electric field strength is then defined as the amount of force per unit of charge on the test charge.

    E = F/q

    The electric force, F depends upon the following as described by Coulomb’s law:

    F = kQq/d2

    Here, Q might be the source charge and q might be the test charge. Therefore,

    E = k × Q/d2

  2. Answer:

    E = F/q or E= kq/r^2


    Electric field is defined as electric force per unit of charge.

    E = F/q


    E = kq/r^2

    An electric field is created by electric charge, electric charges either repels or attracts other charges and exert force on other charges in the vicinity of the field.

    From the above equation it can be seen that electric field is directly proportional to the amount of charge. Also it has an inverse relation with respect to electric field and distance of the charge.

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