A certain digital camera having a lens with focal length 7.50 cmcm focuses on an object 1.70 mm tall that is 4.70 mm from the lens.
Part A. How far must the lens be from the photocells?
s = cm
Part B. Is the image on the photocells erect or inverted? Real or virtual?
a. The image is erect and real.
b. The image is inverted and real.
c. The image is erect and virtual.
d. The image is inverted and virtual.
Part C. How tall is the image on the photocells?
|h?| = cm
Part D. A SLR digital camera often has pixels measuring 8.00?m


  1. Answer:

    a. 7.62cm

    b. Real and inverted

    c. 2.76 cm

    d. 3450


    We proceed as follows;

    a. the lens equation that relates the object distance to the image distance with the focal length is given as follows;

    1/f = 1/p + 1/q

    making q the subject of the formula;

    q = pf/p-f

    From the question;

    p = 4.70m

    f = 7.5cm = 0.075m

    Substituting these, we have ;

    q = (4.7)(0.075)/(4.7-0.075) = 0.3525/4.625 = 0.0762 = 7.62 cm

    b. The image is real and inverted since the image distance is positive

    c. We want to calculate how tall the image is


    h1 = (q/p)h0

    h1 = (7.62/4.70)* 1.7

    h1 = 2.76 cm

    d. We want to calculate the number of pixels that fit into this image


    n = h1/8 micro meter

    n = 2.76cm/8 micro meter = 2.76 * 10^-2/8 * 10^-6 = 3450

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