A CD usually sells for $16.00. If the CD is 10% off, and sales tax is 8%, what is the total price of the CD, including tax?

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  1. The total price of the CD is $16.20.

    What is percentage?

    A percentage is a value that indicates 100th part of any quantity.
    A percentage can be converted into a fraction or a decimal by dividing it by 100.
    Given that,
    The price of CD is $16.00.
    Discount percentage is 10%.
    And, sales tax percentage is 8%.
    The total price can be obtained by adding sales price and subtracting the discount.
    The discount is given as,
    10% of 16
    = 10/100 × 16
    = 1.60
    And, the sales tax is given as,
    8% of 16
    8/100 × 16
    = 1.80
    Thus, the total price is given as,
    16.00 – 1.60 + 1.80
    = 16.20
    Hence, the total price of CD including tax is given as$16.20.
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