A car dealer just took delivery on forty new cars. He plans to put four of these cars on display at the front of the lot. In how many ways can the dealer combine four of the forty cars if order IS important?







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    So a dealer has 40 cars and he wants to put them on display for at a time when order doesn’t matter. So that means we have a combination problem. And the number of combinations with N. Being the number in the sat in this case that’s 40 are being the number that you choose being four. It’s going to give me formulas and factorial over R. Factorial times N minus R. Factorial. So we want combinations of four things 40 things taken four at a time. So that’s going to give me 40 factorial Over four factorial times 40 for factorial. That gives me 40 factorial Over four factorial times 36 factorial. So on top I’m going to have 40 Times 39 times 38 Times 37 over four times 3 times two Times one. Because the 38 factorial Will cancel out from 36 down or the 36 factorial rather. So let’s see what that gives me 40 times 39 times 38 times 37. That is gonna give me (219) 336 0 divided by 24. That is gonna give me a total of 913 90 91,390 ways that you can display them. So this is choice C. C. For combination


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