A boat has a mass of 7660 kg. Its engines generate a drive force of 4080 N due west, while the wind exerts a force of 680 N due east and the water exerts a resistive force of 1160 N due east. Take west to be the positive direction. What is the boat’s acceleration, with correct sign


  1. Answer:

    0.29 m/s due west.


    According to newton’s second law,

    Net force acting on an object = mass×acceleration

    From the question,

    F+F₁+F₂ = ma……………. Equation 1

    Where F = The force generated from the engine, F₁ = Force exerted by the wind, F₂ = Force exerted due to the water, m = mass of the boat, a = acceleration of the boat.

    Given: F = 4080 N , F₁ = -680 N(east), F₂ = -1160 N(east). m = 7660 kg

    substitute into equation 1

    4080-680-1160 = 7660(a)

    2240 = 7660a


    a = 2440/7660

    a = 0.29 m/s due west.

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