A ball is rolling across the floor at an initial velocity of 32 ft per sec. Its velocity decreases by 3/4 every 6 seconds. When will it stop? how far did it travel?

Can you please explain it too?


  1. First, we need to find out how much velocity it loses each second. Since every 6 seconds it loses 3/4 velocity, we need to divide 6 by 0.75 (3/4). 6 divided by 0.75 equal 0.125. So, it loses 0.125 velocity a second. Next, we need to multiply 0.125 until it reaches 100. 0.125 x 8 = 1. So therefor, it takes 8 seconds to stop.

    Next, we need to figure out how far did it travel. Since we know the amount of seconds it takes to stop, we just multiply the amount of feet per second (32ft per second) by the time to stop (8). 32 x 8 = 256.

    The ball traveled for 8 seconds before it came to a complete stop, and the ball traveled 256 feet.


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