A) An electron is moving with a speed of 3.5 x105 m/s when it encounters a magnetic field of 0.60T. The direction of the magnetic field makes an angle of60.0° with respect to the velocity of the electron. Whatis the magnitude of the magnetic force on the electron?B) Each second, 1.25 x 1019 electrons ina narrow beam pass through a small hole in a wall. The beam isperpendicular to the wall. Using Ampere’s law, determinethe magnitude of the magnetic field in the wall at a radius of0.750 m from the center of the beam.I know the answer to A is 2.9 x 10^-14 N and the answer to Bis 5.33 x 10^-7 T. Can anyone show me the steps? Ithink I’ve tried everything!! I will rate immediately!!!!

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