A 70-year-old male presents with back pain, fever, and weight loss. He reports that he had a recent respiratory infection from which he thought he recovered. Tests revealed increased white blood cell count, and a diagnosis of endogenous osteomyelitis was made. The primary organism causing this condition is


  1. Answer:

    This question lacks options, options are:

    a.Fatigue fracture

    b.Stress fracture

    c.Pathologic fracture

    d.Greenstick fracture.  

    The correct answer is c.


    A pathological fracture is one produced in a weakened bone as a result of trauma that would not cause such an effect on bones that had their composition, resistance or flexibility properties at the correct levels, that is, a pathological fracture is any loss of bone continuity that occurs in a weakened bone, secondary this weakness to the development of a disease. Endogenous osteomyelitis is a blood-borne bacterial infection that spreads to the bone.

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