A 16 0z pack of green salad costs $2. Find the price of salad per ounce. Also, find the cost of 8 oz, 12 oz, 18 0z, and 28 oz packs of salad.


  1. The price of salad per ounce is $1/8. The cost of salad for 8,12,18 and 28 ounces pack are $1, $1.5, $2.25 and $3.5 respectively.

     What is ounce or 0z?

    Ounce or 0z is a unit used to measure the weight of any substance or any geometrical elements.

    How did we calculate the above cost?

    We are given the price of 16 0z green salad pack and it is $2
    price of salad per ounce = 2/16 = $1/8
    now cost for 8 0z pack salad is = $1/8×8 =$1
    similarly, we get the price for 12 0z, 18 0z and 28 0z
    are $1.5. $2.25 and $3.5.
    hence, the cost is calculated from the given known price.
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