A 150kg motorcycle starts from rest and accelerates at a constant rate along with a distance of 350m. The applied force is 250N and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.03. What is the net force applied to the motorcycle?


  1. Answer:



    The net force (F) is the difference between the applied force(F_{A}) and the kinetic frictional force(F_{R}). i.e

    F = F_{A}F_{R}    —————–(i)

    Note that;

    F_{R} = μmg


    μ = coefficient of kinetic friction

    m = mass of the body

    g = acceleration due to gravity = 10m/s²

    Equation (i) then becomes;

    F = F_{A} – μmg        ——————-(ii)

    Given from question;

    m = mass of motorcycle = 150kg

    μ = 0.03

    F_{A} = 250N

    Substitute these values into equation (ii) as follows;

    F = 250 – (0.03 x 150 x 10)

    F = 250 – (45)

    F = 205N

    Therefore, the net force applied to the motorcycle is 205N

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