A 1.5 V battery is connected to a 1000 ohm resistor and a 500 ohm resistor in series. The voltage across the 1000 ohm resistor is _____ V.


  1. Answer:

    1 volt and 0.5 volt


    Given data

    voltage supplied Vs= 1.5 volts

    resistance R1= 1000 ohms

    resistance R2= 500 ohms

    The total resistance is

    Rt= 1000+ 500

    Rt= 1500 ohms

    The current I is given as

    I= \frac{Vs}{Rt} \\\\ I= \frac{1.5}{1500} = 0.001mA

    Voltage across R1

    VR1= Vs(\frac{R1}{R1+R2} )=1.5(\frac{1000}{1000+500} )= 1.5(\frac{1000}{1500} )\\ \\\ VR1= 1v

    Voltage across R2

    VR2= Vs(\frac{R2}{R1+R2} )=1.5(\frac{500}{1000+500} )= 1.5(\frac{500}{1500} ) \\\ VR2=0.5v

    In series connection the current is the same for all components while the voltage divides across all components,the voltages consumed by each individual resistance is equal to the source voltage.


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