9) You are a contractor and charge $55 for a site visit plus an additional $25 per hour for each hour you spend
working at the site, Write and solve an equation to determine how many total hours you have to work to earn
$555 working at a site.


  1. The contractor would have to work for 20 hours on the site to earn $555 total pay
    What is total cost function?
    Total cost function is the sum of the fixed charge, which is fixed cost to the person paying the contractor when the contractor visits the site and charge per hour multiplied by the number of hours spent working
    TC=total cost=$555
    a=fixed charged=$55
    b=charge per hour=variable element of contractor’s pay=$25
    X=number of hours spent working=unknown
    The contractor needs to work for 20 hours in order to earn a total pay of $555
    Find out more about fixed and variable cost on:


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