7. Karla earns $2,300 per month from her job and is trying to set up a budget so that she doesn’t spend more than
she earns. She will have fixed expenses such as rent, car payments, and student loans that will be the same
amount each month. She will also have flexible expenses that change each month, such as entertainment and
groceries. Which inequality represents her budget in terms of her fixed spending, x, and her flexible spending, y?
a. x+y< $2,300
b. x+y ≤ $2,300
c. x+y> $2,300
d. x+y 2 $2,300


  1. Answer:

    b. x+y ≤ $2,300

    Step-by-step explanation:

    1. To represent Karla’s budget, we need to include her fixed spending (x) and her flexible spending (y) both of which add up to an amount less than or equal to $2,300.
    2. Therefore, the inequality that represents her budget is x+y ≤ $2,300.
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