What times 6 can equal to 84?
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    Step-by-step explanation:

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    6 times what equals 84?

    6 times what equals 84? In other words, what do you multiply by 6 to get 84? If “x” is “what” in the sentence, “6 times what equals 84?”, then the equation to solve the problem is as follows:

    6 • x = 84

    Which can be written as:

    6x = 84

    To solve the equation above, we need to remove the 6 on the left side to make the x alone. To do that, we divide both sides by 6.

    6x/6 = 84/6

    6x/6 is x and 84/6 is 14 which means our equation will look like this:

    x = 14

    Thus, the answer to “6 times what equals 84?” is 14.


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